Decannulation is a go

As Jessica posted earlier, Namine passed her sleep study. This means one thing: decannulation!

The next step is to get Namine better. She’s still coughing and hacking quite a bit, and she needs to be fully recovered before they’ll take out the trach.

We picked up some new meds for Namine today. It’s been a week since she was put on TOBI (don’t look at me, I hate caps; it’s how the brand name is spelled), and her cough hasn’t gotten any better. If anything, it’s gotten worse, since she had some blood in her secretions a day or two ago. (There doesn’t seem to be any more blood when we suction her, so at least there’s that.) So they put Namine on a different type of tobramycin inhalation solution, and we’ll see where we go from here.

We went over to our neighbor Leah’s for an impromptu Domino’s dinner. Namine had fun playing with her daughter Alyssa and eating pizza. I don’t remember Namine eating that much pizza the last time we got Pizza Hut or Papa Murphy’s – we’ll have to get Domino’s next time.

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