• Special Needs follow-up

    Special Needs follow-up

    Yesterday afternoon, Namine had an appointment with the Special Needs department head.

  • Another late night

    Another late night

    We went back to Urgent Care last night. Namine’s cough had changed, and we were concerned that something might have traveled to her lungs.

  • A weekend of sickness

    A weekend of sickness

    Things often don’t go as planned. This weekend was one of those things.

  • Frequent flyer miles

    Frequent flyer miles

    We haven’t been to the ER this many times in so few weeks in a long, long time. Hopefully, this weekend has seen the end of it.

  • Sick this morning

    Sick this morning

    We had a busy day weekend. We saw Frozen (this being Namine’s third time and my first) and we cleaned the apartment. Well, most of it. This morning, I don’t know if Namine is paying for being out in the cold, but she woke up with a croupy cough.

  • A new record

    I worked from home today, which allowed me to get up with Namine and let Jessica sleep in. When I gave Namine her breakfast around 9:30, she asked me to first put her palatal prosthetic in. Wait, what? Yes, that’s right. She was so enthusiastic about it that she wanted to eat breakfast while wearing…

  • To the ER we go

    To the ER we go

    The day before yesterday, we took Namine to the doctor. She’s had a pretty phlegmy cough for about a week now, and the antibiotic didn’t really seem to do the trick. Then yesterday saw us in the ER, something we’d been trying to avoid – but you do what’s best for your child, no matter…

  • Sick time

    Sick time

    Namine and I now apparently have what Jessica had last week. I thought that I had gotten the worst of it, but Namine woke up with a crouping cough this morning. Despite her being sick, though, she nearly always keeps it together and stays cheerful.

  • The stresses of doctors

    The stresses of doctors

    Do you believe in coincidence? I tend not to. Namine threw up again today in the same situation as last time, which brings me to the conclusion that it’s not something she ate – last time I thought it was eggs – but rather the circumstance: the doctor’s office.

  • Ear infection: now with blood

    Ear infection: now with blood

    This ear infection just won’t quit. And now Namine’s ear is bleeding. Wonderful.

  • It’s officially autumn

    It’s officially autumn

    You know fall has arrived when everybody gets sick. Well, it’s here for the Eiche household. Yesterday morning, Namine woke up from a nightmare at about 6 in the morning. As if that were not bad enough, she also woke up with the croup. You know, it’s kind of funny. We’d gone to church the…

  • A visit to ENT

    Namine’s sinus and ear infections are not getting any better. She coughed nearly all night last night, and so today we paid a visit to the ENT clinic to have her ear suctioned and a nasal culture taken. You can imagine how that went.