sleep study

  • Happy no trache day

    Happy no trache day

    Seven years ago today, Namine was decannulated!

  • Sleeping better

    Sleeping better

    Getting Namine a new bed is the best thing we could have done.

  • Dental appointment

    Dental appointment

    Namine had an appointment in the local clinic providing family & general dental services. We have some hard decisions ahead of us.

  • Ignoring the observer effect

    Ignoring the observer effect

    As you may or may not recall, Namine recently had a sleep study at the hospital last week. The techs stuck wires and glue in her hair and told her to go to sleep, with the hope that this would be a decent indication of how she sleeps at home. And I can’t help but […]

  • Sleep study

    Sleep study

    Namine had a sleep study last night to observe her restlessness. The goal, of course, is to get her to stop rolling around as much, so that she gets better rest at night. But like Heisenberg, we know that putting leads and monitors on Namine interferes with normal sleep; as a result, she only slept […]

  • Redefining comfort

    Redefining comfort

    For some time, Namine has tossed and turned in her bed. We went mattress shopping last week with the intention of finding something more comfortable, but the solution ended up being much simpler.

  • A good night

    Last night, Namine slept through her third trachless, no-help-from-oxygen night, ever. The first night was in the hospital, the night after the day of decannulation. The second was the following night, at home. After that, she got sick. She spent time in the hospital again, because she was sick. She came home, she got better, and now I can really say she’s doing better.

  • Namine’s trach removal is tomorrow

    I don’t think I can get any more straightforward than that.

  • Much news

    Happy horse day! Today Namine had equestrian therapy, and Jess said she enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m told the benefits will far outweigh her smelling like a horse. I kid, I kid. But on to other serious matters. Namine also had a cardiology appointment, and I got a call from pulmonology about her decannulation. We finally have a set date, and it’s coming up soon. More after the jump!

  • Decannulation is a go

    As Jessica posted earlier, Namine passed her sleep study. This means one thing: decannulation!

  • News!

    Hello all, It was a not so fun and fun day today.  We had a visit back at teach vent clinic where they took a trach asperate, or culture,  to see what is growing if anything. As we ran some errands I got a call for different breathers for Namine. While on the phone the […]

  • Trach infection pretty much confirmed

    As we count down the days toward the result of Namine’s sleep study, we have a new wrench thrown in the works: a trach infection. We pretty much assumed as much, and Namine’s symptoms seem to confirm it. Her pulmonologist has prescribed an antibiotic – not Toby but something similar – and we just need to keep up with regular breathing treatments. Like, every 6 hours or so.