Happy no trache day

Seven years ago today, Namine was decannulated!

When Namine was born, she couldn’t breathe. She had to be intubated immediately, and we were told that she would probably have a tracheostomy her entire life. But a mere two years later, she was able to be rid of it forever.

As we can attest, time is relative. Namine has now been without her trache over twice as long as she had it in the first place, but those first two years seemed to stretch on forever.

While I might say “a mere two years,” at the time, our days were rife with terror. What would normally be a typical cold is suddenly a threat to a trache child’s life. It required hard work on everyone’s part — ours, Namine’s, the hospital staff’s — to get Namine ready for decannulation (that is, getting rid of the tracheostomy tube). It required multiple surgeries, sleep studies, and plenty of practice breathing with her trache covered.

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