• Sugar Magnolia
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    Congratulations! I am so glad you found my blog so I could find yours! My dd got her trach out 2 months ago…..life changing. I am so happy for you and your family!!!!!!

  • Jessica
    at · Reply

    It was Dr. Gordon, not Dr. Denny that came back with the o2

  • Kelli 'Minor' Doty
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    Congrats to you and Namine, I’m happy that everything went so well. Did you get to keep the trach vent?

  • Paul Eiche
    at · Reply

    We still have all the trachs (including a brand new one that came on the day of removal O.o) but I think we got rid of the vent a while ago.

  • Paul
    at · Reply

    Yeah, you’re right. Getting my doctors mixed up again!

  • Kerry (Ms.Crabass)
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    I’ve finally gotten over to see Namine…how nice she was recently decanned! That’s one less thing to worry about. Sorry you’re having problems with the nurses at the hospital but I must say it’s quite normal! Have you ever had a nurse tell you “this is a hospital, NOT a hotel!”? I just think some of them could be a bit more subtle when doing vitals.
    My twins were decanned this summer (trached for 8 yrs) after a reconstruction of their airway (LTP w/rib graft).

    Nice to meet your family!

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