Creation Camp at Zachariah’s Acres

We had a lot of fun at Zachariah’s Acres this weekend for Creation Camp.

Last time we went to Zachariah’s Acres, we just went and did our own thing — walking around, just spending the day outside, taking in all they had to offer. This time, we went for an event, Creation Camp, which consisted of a guided tour around the grounds.

First up was a tractor ride to the fishing pond. Namine declared (not for the first time) that the fishing was easily her favorite part, and she was excited to go fishing again. She caught four fish!

After the tractor ride back, we all sat down to learn about some animals. We saw Monty, a ball python, a lizard, and a box turtle. The names of the latter two escape me. Namine got to pet the lizard and turtle, but she got to hold the python. (She loved it.)

Next, we took a walk out to the apple orchard, where everyone (even us parents) got to pick apples. Before going, Namine informed our guide that she would probably have to sit on my shoulder in order to reach the apples. (I, of course, would not mind doing so.)

The guide told Namine that there were plenty of apples down low enough for her to reach on her own. Sure enough, when we got out there, Namine was able to reach her own apples.

The children also got to clip their own flowers, which they put into cups of water, to take home.

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