Welcome! We’re the Eiche family: Paul, Jessica, and Namine. Welcome to our little corner on the Internet.

Paul is husband to Jessica, daddy to Namine, web developer by profession and hobby, and all-around geek.

Jessica is wife to Paul, mommy to Namine, teacher, and crochet, jewelry, & essential oil enthusiast.

Namine is daughter to Paul and Jessica, and tomboy & girly-girl. She loves adaptive sports, dance, and arts & crafts.

We’ve been updating this blog since shortly before Namine was born. We mostly write about her and how her life has changed ours. She was diagnosed with several severe birth defects, and has needed multiple procedures as a result. You can read more about her story here.

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Having a child born with disabilities completely changes your perspective. Take it from us; we know firsthand. Because our outlook has changed, so has the way we see the world.

Over the years, taking care of Namine has taught us a lot about accessibility, inclusion, and more. We don’t claim to be experts by any means, but we’ve learned a lot, and we want to share that knowledge and experience as best we can.

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