Palate closure successful!

Not long after I had finished updating the blog, Dr. Denny came out and said he was done. It turns out that since Namine was already asleep, he just started without coming to talk to us.

Namine was, as always, a great patient. They were able to do a 2-sided closure; that means closing the cleft on the nose side as well as the mouth side, which is not always possible. Something else that is not doable in all cases is a full closure; often times the very front of the cleft is difficult, if not impossible, to close. Regardless, Namine’s cleft was able to be completely closed.

Namine is asleep now, and slightly bloody (especially in her nose, but we’re told that’s to be expected), but none the worse for wear, we hope. I’m going to go back up now, and see if our little munchkin scrunchkin is awake.

P.S. Thanks for your help, spellchecker. My daughter’s name is not “Napkin.”