While the cleft palate repair itself was successful, Namine has developed complications. She has had a lot more blood than the doctors expected in her stomach, which is making it upset. She almost threw up once, so they gave her something to ease the nausea. She also has quite a bit of blood in her trach, and those 2 developments combined could indicate that she asperated blood during the surgery. If she does have blood in her lungs, that means pneumonia. Consequently, the doctors and nurses are pursuing a more aggressive strategy of care: instead of breathing treatments twice a day, they’ve increased them to every 6 hours. This should break up and force out any blood and crap in her lungs, thereby avoiding pneumonia altogether, if it hasn’t started yet.

If it has, then it’s solely up to Namine’s body. She’s already started to drop her O2 saturation level a bit, so she’s up to 35% blended oxygen, rather than her normal 30%. If she gets to the point where she needs 50% oxygen, she’ll have to go back on the c-pap machine. If we get to that point, we might be here a long time.

To further complicate matters, Namine also has what appears to be a pretty severe ear infection in her right ear. We saw no evidence of one prior to surgery, but after they brought her up, we noticed some drainage coming out of her ear. And it has only seemed to get worse. They’ve taken a sample of the drainage for a culture, so we’ll see what comes of that.


  1. Oh my goodness, my blood ran cold just reading the headline of your post. I am redoubling prayers that she will quickly pull through these troubling complications.

  2. Oh my goodness. Wow & I just got done telling my family how well the surgery went. We’ll be doing our routine bedtime prayers & we’ll say a special prayer just for Namine. “We hope she gets well soon.” (by Mike & Alyssa)

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