cleft palate

  • Cleft palate clinic

    Cleft palate clinic

    Namine saw several doctors in a morning-long cleft palate clinic appointment.

  • Farewell, Dr. Denny

    Farewell, Dr. Denny

    Namine’s yearly appointment with her cranial-facial doctor was bittersweet; he’s retiring, so today we said goodbye.

  • Cleft Palate Clinic picnic

    Cleft Palate Clinic picnic

    This weekend we attended a new Children’s Hospital picnic for the first time!

  • Dental clinic

    Dental clinic

    With all the craziness lately, I never wrote about Namine’s most recent trip to the dentist last month. Some pretty important points were discussed.

  • Dental appointment

    Dental appointment

    Namine had an appointment in the dental clinic. We have some hard decisions ahead of us.

  • Frenectomy follow-up

    Frenectomy follow-up

    Yesterday Namine had a clinic appointment to follow up on her frenectomy. Frenulotomy. Frenulectomy. Just pick a word, I guess.

  • Speaking a new way

    Speaking a new way

    On Thursday I took Namine to the speech pathologist at Children’s. He wanted to see and hear Namine speak with the prosthetic and without it. I had not put the prosthetic in because it makes Namine throw up. So we went without it, I still had it in my purse. Namine did her talking into…

  • Keep your chin up!

    Keep your chin up!

    Thanks to the awesome folks over at Pierre Robin Sequence Foundation for including Namine in one of their promotional images.

  • For the better

    For the better

    Some thoughts of a special needs parent.

  • Tomorrow will be better

    Tomorrow will be better

    I don’t know if this really qualifies as a blog post, as it’s more of just rambling. But I’ve been reading up on Pierre Robin Sequence a bit more lately, in light of Namine’s prosthetic (with which she’s doing superbly well, by the way) as well as the search for comfortable glasses (on which I…

  • Familiarity breeds…

    Familiarity breeds…

    Contrary to how the saying goes, Namine has nothing close to contempt for her palatal prosthetic. Quite the opposite – she’s willing to put it in, and is doing quite well with the every-other-day plan prescribed by the speech pathologist.

  • Speech appointment

    Speech appointment

    We had an appointment today with the speech pathologist. (Yes, that one.) It went far better than I expected. In fact, we now have solid evidence that not only is Namine speaking better with the palatal prosthetic in, her speech is improved when she isn’t wearing it.