Last night, Namine slept through her third trachless, no-help-from-oxygen night, ever. The first night was in the hospital, the night after the day of decannulation. The second was the following night, at home. After that, she got sick. She spent time in the hospital again, because she was sick. She came home, she got better, and now I can really say she’s doing better.

Yesterday, during her nap, Namine still needed some help from oxygen in order to keep her O2 sats up. We decided to try her once more on sleeping without oxygen. I only turned down the lower limit on the pulseox to 80, so that if I heard beeping, it wouldn’t be dangerous for her. My precautions were for naught – she never went below 88, that I know of. I checked on her periodically before going to bed at 2, and having been satisfied that she was doing well, I went to bed, leaving the oxygen off her. She coughed a bit, but didn’t cough much up; other than that, she slept through the night.


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