Hello all,
It was a not so fun and fun day today.  We had a visit back at teach vent clinic where they took a trach asperate, or culture,  to see what is growing if anything.

As we ran some errands I got a call for different breathers for Namine. While on the phone the nurse relayed a wonderfully, awesome, stupendous bit of news.   Are you ready? I don’t think you are. Really you want to know, ready? 

Here goes- Namine is sick!

Haha just kidding. Well not but the most awesomest news in our world is………………..

Namine passed her sleep study!!!!!!! Which means she will be decannulated. We are so thankful to God. For all the people that have helped us get this far. Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Carmarda, Dr. Zangwell, Dr. Noe, Dr. Gordon <3, all of those that have helped us that aren't doctors.

Love you all!
Jessica, Paul, Namine