We got a call this morning from Children’s Hospital. Due to the weather, Namine’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thometz, would not be in today. As a result, her surgery is canceled. They will reschedule sometime early next week.

This is the last straw. We have had to deal with so much crap from ortho, it’s not even funny. You might argue that this isn’t the doctor’s fault but rather the weather’s, but the only reason Namine was even having this surgery today is because we had the Special Needs doctor keep telling the ortho doctor that Namine needed this before decannulation. Ridiculous.

We’re still at Children’s Hospital because Namine wasn’t just having her foot surgery today. She was also going to get her bronchoscopy today, the first step of two toward decannulation. If the bronch goes well, she’ll have her sleep study in September. So the day isn’t a total loss. And while it’s good that we don’t have to spend the weekend in the hospital – the bronchoscopy is an outpatient procedure – it’s frustrating to have to wait even longer for something that probably should have been done a year ago.

I think it’s time to give Shriners a call.