We went out this evening, with the intention of stopping by the UPS store to pick up a package, going to dinner, and stopping by Jess’s mom’s apartment before heading back home. Let’s just say things didn’t exactly go to plan. That’s okay, though. We still had a fun time out together, and we got to see more of Namine’s love of ketchup. I need to take more videos.

Jess had a package waiting at the UPS store for her to pick it up, so that was more or less the purpose for going out. Never ones to let a simple thing like not knowing where the store was stop us, we set out. Along the way, I found what I thought was the only UPS store in Oak Creek (where the UPS guy told Jess her package was) on my phone’s GPS, and got us directions. According to the UPS guy, we could pick it up at between 8 and 8:30. When we got there, however, the sign on the door said they closed at 6:30. Sure enough, the lights were off and nobody was home. After a frustrated and angry phone call, we discovered that there was indeed another store; we should have gone to that one. Oh well.

We had originally planned on going out to a good sit-down restaurant (not to be confused with fast food, of course), but we didn’t see one around, so we settled for McDonald’s. Namine ate some fries, two chicken nuggets, and basically a whole one of those tiny paper cups full of ketchup. She wanted nothing to do with my burger (which surprised me – usually she wants a bite of whatever I’m eating), but every time I’d have a fry, either she’d eat a fry of her own or she’d demand I relinquish the one in my hand.

We had a good time at Jess’s mom’s, too. Namine chased the cat around. Her cat is pretty shy and skittish, and Namine, being two, makes too many sudden movements for her. So Namine scooted down the hallway, making meowing sounds after the cat.


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