Trach infection pretty much confirmed

As we count down the days toward the result of Namine’s sleep study, we have a new wrench thrown in the works: a trach infection.

We pretty much assumed as much, and Namine’s symptoms seem to confirm it. Her pulmonologist has prescribed an antibiotic – not Toby but something similar – and we just need to keep up with regular breathing treatments. Like, every 6 hours or so.

Namine is a trooper, and I know she’ll get through this. But there are a couple things that worry me. First is the infection itself, just because it’s hard on her. I mean, I got home and she was sounds asleep. But she’s not coughing in her sleep, like she was last night, so that indicates improvement, even over the course of a single day. The suctioning always worries me too, because her throat is so tender and it bleeds so easily. We try to suction only when we have to so we don’t irritate her too much.

The last thing is, of course, concerning decannulation. Pending the results of the sleep study, which I hope will be favorable, I don’t know for how long they’ll want to postpone decannulation. Of course I don’t want them taking the trach out while she’s sick; but I don’t know how long, after she’s well, the hospital will want to wait, in order to make sure she’s well. Not that I blame them.

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  1. I’m so glad Namine is better today. And I’m relieved to know that is just M&M’s :)

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