Getting Namine a new bed is the best thing we could have done.

Namine has not been particularly tired lately, yet since we got her new bed, she’s fallen asleep quickly — as in, within five minutes. That’s no exaggeration.

You may recall that we got Namine into a sleep study early last year. We had hoped (against our better judgement, I might add) that it would lead to answers (Get it? Leads? Never mind), but it did not. Namine continued to sleep restlessly, tossing and turning and even sleep-crawling across her floor.

Shortly after the new year, we bought activity trackers for ourselves. One big reason for getting Namine her own was to monitor her sleep patterns. Last month — to the day, interestingly enough — this was Namine’s sleep pattern as shown by her Jawbone Up wristband.


Of course, this really didn’t tell us much more than we already knew. Times of restlessness, maybe, but certainly not how to help her sleep easier.

During this awful winter, Namine’s room gets especially cold because it has two outside walls. So we often brought her into our bed to help her stay warm. She doesn’t move around quite as much, although I think she’s like me — she tends to move around a lot no matter where she sleeps. (Jessica often is forced to wrestle me for the covers.)

It’s been two nights (tonight is the third) since Namine got her new bed. Both nights, she slept through the night. And despite all our worry of her falling out of bed, that has not (yet) been a concern. For comparison’s sake, here is Namine’s sleep pattern from last night.


I suspect in both cases there are false-positive reports of light sleep or awake time due to how much Namine moves around in her sleep, but I think there is little doubt that she’s sleeping better. And every night since the new bed was delivered — tonight included — Namine has fallen asleep within mere minutes (as in, ten minutes or less). The difference is nothing short of staggering.

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