Buying clothes for Namine can be tricky, and sometimes we end up with material to spare.

Namine was born with caudal regression, and her legs will always be shorter in proportion to the rest of her body. Because of this, often times the clothes we get for her are too large. Most children’s clothes come in sets, like pants and a shirt, that cannot be bought separately. So she’ll have a shirt that fits fine, but pants that are a solid six inches too long. We’ll end up cutting those pants short, because by the time her legs are long enough to fit the pants as they were made, she’ll have outgrown the shirt and we’ll have to buy new clothes, anyway.

But we don’t throw away that extra material, oh no. It’s still perfectly usable, and it can be made into all kinds of fashionable accessories. Namine loves having fingerless gloves, especially when she’s in her wheelchair and the metal rails are cold. And who doesn’t love having a matching headband?



  1. I agree with Tina. Not only are you putting a positive spin to a problem, you’re teaching your daughter to do the same. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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