So Namine has been up since four o’clock this morning. I have no idea why she won’t sleep. She isn’t in pain or sick or anything else. I am tired and Paul had to get up for work in an hour. She usually sleeps until ten! I am going to be exhausted today.

Thus quoth my wife this morning. Namine has therapy this afternoon at 2:30, so I’m hoping the two of them can get some semblance of rest before then. It remains to be seen how Namine will behave in therapy.

I put Namine to bed last night around the normal time, a little past 9:00 after reading a couple more chapters from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. She asked me to lay next to her as she falls asleep, as she sometimes does, and I was happy to oblige. (One of the perks of her mattress being on the floor.) I fell asleep with her arm around me, and when I woke up it was almost 10:00. Namine was sound asleep, and she didn’t even stir when I got up.

None of this pointed to anything strange or out of the ordinary. Certainly nothing prepared Jessica or myself for Namine waking up at 2:30 in the morning and not going back to sleep until 6:00. Namine didn’t take a nap (she rarely does anymore, unless she’s sick – which she’s not, as far as we can tell – or has had a particularly grueling physical therapy session), so we have no idea what triggered this strange sleep (or lack thereof) pattern. Hopefully it will not continue.

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