Happy horse day! Today Namine had equestrian therapy, and Jess said she enjoyed it quite a bit. I’m told the benefits will far outweigh her smelling like a horse. I kid, I kid. But on to other serious matters. Namine also had a cardiology appointment, and I got a call from pulmonology about her decannulation. We finally have a set date, and it’s coming up soon. More after the jump!

For the past week or so, Namine has had slightly decreased stats at night (well, at night is pretty much the only time we put the pulseox on her). This is concerning, since her cardiologist told us that as Namine gets closer to the third heart surgery, the Fontan, her oxygen saturation rate will decrease. So while she normally sits in the high 80s to low 90s, she’s been more in the low to mid 80s.

However, the past couple nights, Namine has had higher stats again. Her cardiologist believes that her stats were lower simply because she was sick. As she gets better, and she is getting better, her stats will improve, as we’ve started to see. So, no worries about impending heart surgery – yet. We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on her stats, though.

I got a call from the pulmonology department this afternoon. Having already learned my lesson, I answered it. They had a set date for Namine’s decannulation – September 14, a Tuesday. We’ll check her in at 10 in the morning and get all situated in a room. According to the schedule, Namine is set to stay there three days. But her doctors say that it’s common for a decannulated patient to be ready to leave after just a day or two. If Namine were having real surgery, I’d say we were in for the long haul – since she doesn’t do well with blood loss – but this is a simple matter of taking out the trach. Just pray that she does well at night.


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