A trip to the tennis court

It was a beautiful day at our local tennis court!

Namine and I had the day to ourselves, and it was so nice out that we decided to head to the outdoor tennis court that was only a mile or so away from our house. We didn’t need the car; since I’ve been training for a marathon later this year, I was willing to run while pushing Namine in her wheelchair.

Namine has loved tennis for years, so of course we brought our rackets. She had also gotten to try pickleball some time ago and discovered that she loved that too, so Jessica and I bought her a set of paddles and balls. We brought that too; the strap fit nicely over the back of the chair.

When we got to the tennis court, we discovered that the net had not been put up yet. It was probably too early in the year for that, I suppose. That’s okay, it was no obstacle to our fun.

There is a playground just down the sidewalk from the tennis court. It’s not accessible, so there isn’t really anything there that Namine can do without climbing out of her chair. There is a merry-go-round that she wanted to ride, however. I dragged her chair backwards through the sand, positioning it so she could transfer onto the platform. She held on tight while I spun her around.

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