Moving in tennis

Namine has started to learn moving and hitting the ball in her adaptive tennis class.

With only one class left in this session, Namine is getting the most she can out of tennis class. She’s still getting used to wheeling herself while holding her racket, but the coaches have started introducing her to moving around the court. No time like the present, as they say.

Starting off, Namine worked on hitting the ball while wheeling close to the net.

Then, she worked on hitting the ball while wheeling across the back of the court.

Lastly, Namine’s coach introduced her to hitting the ball from the back of the court, then moving up close to the net.

The last new thing Namine learned at this practice didn’t involve moving. She learned to serve — at least, the hitting part. Since this was her first time, the coach still threw the ball up in the air for her.

When the class was over, Namine helped to clean up the balls she’d scattered all over the court.

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