• ENT and therapy

    ENT and therapy

    We took Namine in to see her ENT doctor today. She’s been complaining of her ear bothering her, so we feared the worst: an ear infection. Fortunately, that turned out to not be the case.

  • Tossing cookies

    Tossing cookies

    I’m not talking about juggling confectionary treats, nosirree. We suspect that Namine has caught a bug of some kind, possibly flu. It is her bad luck – and ours – that she needed to throw up when we had only one spare set of clothes, and on a day of multiple clinic appointments.

  • A visit to ENT

    Namine’s sinus and ear infections are not getting any better. She coughed nearly all night last night, and so today we paid a visit to the ENT clinic to have her ear suctioned and a nasal culture taken. You can imagine how that went.

  • Embracing the storm

    I actually meant to talk about this the other day. On Sunday night we had a crazy, windy, loud thunderstorm, and Namine could not sleep.

  • Namine’s stoma infection

    Namine is in the hospital again. Following on the heels of last night’s post (actually, it was probably early morning) is the news that Jessica and my mom took her into the ER this morning.

  • Decannulation is a go

    As Jessica posted earlier, Namine passed her sleep study. This means one thing: decannulation!

  • Trach infection pretty much confirmed

    As we count down the days toward the result of Namine’s sleep study, we have a new wrench thrown in the works: a trach infection.

  • Possible trach infection

    Late yesterday and this morning, Namine has had a lot more secretions than usual. In addition, this morning her secretions have been mucusy (is that a word?) and yellow-green, and she’s been coughing and hacking. So Jess called Namine’s pediatrician and her pulmonologist for advice on what to do. Of course the first thing that…

  • Fair weather

    We went to the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday. Well, I just went after work, but Jessica and Namine spent the afternoon there. It was a good day for it; maybe too good, since I think Namine is feeling a little crispy today. Despite a little sunburn and some sore legs, though, a good time was…

  • Coughing fits are nothing to sneeze at

    Namine was up all night a couple nights ago, coughing and hacking. She didn’t seem to wake up much – a few times crying, but I was able to sooth her back to sleep – but I doubt she got much rest. Last night was much better, she only coughed a couple times. She slept…

  • Plastics appointment

    Namine had an appointment this morning with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Denny, the man who did her jaw distraction and cleft palate repair. He has declared her palate completely healed, and she can eat whatever she wants again. Well, within reason.

  • Sleep, perchance to dream

    Namine is asleep, at last. Since we’re here in the hospital, and she’s feeling so crappy, we have temporarily suspended our rule that Namine is to nap no later than 5, maybe 6 in the evening.