We went to the Wisconsin State Fair yesterday. Well, I just went after work, but Jessica and Namine spent the afternoon there. It was a good day for it; maybe too good, since I think Namine is feeling a little crispy today. Despite a little sunburn and some sore legs, though, a good time was had by all.

Namine complained a little about the loud music by putting her fingers in her ears, but for the most part she danced to the music. She really danced when we ate at Saz’s, since there was a band playing right there. To my surprise, she didn’t complain about that noise. Maybe it was just the bad music she didn’t like. (Like that poor guy trying to sing “Play That Funky Music”? Oh my goodness.)

As usual, Namine ate lots of food. She ate a bunch of fries, some of a mozerella stick, part of a chicken strip, the better part of a cream puff, and a lot of my Dippin’ Dots®. (At lunch she also ate near a whole baked potato, too. I wasn’t there for that, though. More’s the pity.) And the entire afternoon, she kept her speaking cap on and she didn’t need to be suctioned once. The first time she needed to be suctioned was after her breathing treatment in the evening, right before getting her ready for bed.

Nearly every morning, lately, I wake up to find Namine asleep (that’s normal) with her oxygen mask completely off (that’s not so much). She’ll either have pulled it completely off, or down so that it is diligently providing oxygen to her chest and mattress. This still sets off alarm bells in my head, but her stats indicate that she’s more than fine – her O2 will still be in the 86-89 range, sometimes even as high as 92. So I think Namine will do just fine in her sleep study. I would never make her sleep without oxygen without knowing beforehand that she would do well, and of course I always put her oxygen on her when I put her to bed; nonetheless, she herself seems to be ready to be done with the oxygen. She’s pulling more and more at her gauze, her mepilex (the foam padding we put around her trach to protect her neck), and the trach itself. Namine understands more than we give her credit for, she has proven that often enough; she seems to understand now that she may not need the trach anymore.

It’s trach change night tonight; last night she was too tired to cooperate. She always loves having her trach changed, because it gives her the opportunity to take a breathe sans plastic. We’ll take the old trach out; she’ll take a breath and smile; then we’ll put the clean trach in. Crabbiness ensues. Yes, I think she’s ready.

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