Namine is asleep, at last. Since we’re here in the hospital, and she’s feeling so crappy, we have temporarily suspended our rule that Namine is to nap no later than 5, maybe 6 in the evening. We came to deciding on this rule, as all parents come to decide what is best for their children: experience and trial & error. If Namine naps into the evening, by the time we put her to bed, she simply. Will. Not. Sleep. So of course by the time I put her down for the night (which of course is the same hospital bed that she’s been in all day, of course she’s sick of it), she was still full of energy.

Namine is doing much better now, tonight, than she was earlier today. It’s kind of shocking, actually, when you consider all that has happened. She’s back down to her normal 30% oxygen; her heart rate is down more to what it should be, and her O2 saturation is back up a lot closer to what it usually is. The ear infection is all but gone; she has no more drainage. They’re sending ear drops home with us just to be on the safe side. Even the blood from her trach has almost cleared up; her secretions still have the slightest pinkish color to them, but I’ll take that over her coughing up thick, bright red blood.

So, the overarching plan? To send us home tomorrow, barring any more negative developments. Praise be to God.