o2 stats

  • Overnight hospital stay

    After a late night visit to the ER, Namine was admitted to the hospital for a persistent cough, high fever, and low oxygenation.

  • Basketball camp, week 2

    Basketball camp, week 2

    Jessica and I were helping her sister move this weekend, so my aunt took Namine to basketball camp.

  • A weekend of sickness

    A weekend of sickness

    Things often don’t go as planned. This weekend was one of those things.

  • Cardiology appointment

    Cardiology appointment

    Nearly a year after completing the Fontan, Namine’s doctor cut back her medication as a response to her healthy heart.

  • To the doctor, again

    To the doctor, again

    We took Namine to the pediatrician. Yes, again.

  • Speech appointment

    Speech appointment

    We had an appointment today with the speech pathologist. (Yes, that one.) It went far better than I expected. In fact, we now have solid evidence that not only is Namine speaking better with the palatal prosthetic in, her speech is improved when she isn’t wearing it.

  • The hard part

    Despite all the fun we had over the weekend with Namine’s first dance recital, we had a scare on Friday. We had just gotten home from the dress rehearsal, and Namine wasn’t feeling well. So we took her pulseox, expecting her O2 to be in the low 80s; we were certainly not prepared for what…

  • Cardiology visit

    Cardiology visit

    This morning we took Namine to see her cardiologist. This was to see when she should have her heart cath, and to look to the future: the Fontan.

  • Scary sats and an x-ray

    Scary sats and an x-ray

    When Namine drops her sats, our immediate thought is that she’s getting sick. Well, she’s already sick, so it would be no surprise that her sats are down a little. But Namine was down to 81 this morning, and that’s frightening. To make matters worse, Namine woke up with the croup again.

  • Echo results

    On Friday Namine had her echocardiogram. Once again, like with Monday’s ultrasound, Namine was afraid of the tech and having the echo done. But when she realized that this was painless, she was fine. She lay perfectly still for the entire thing, much to the tech’s surprise.

  • IEP, the ER, and ABCs

    I meant to update the other day with the results of Namine’s first IEP – not to be confused with a preliminary IEP – but we had to bring her into the ER. Things have calmed down a bit now, though, and I can finally catch you up.

  • One crazy day

    Today started, well, not like any other day, maybe, but more or less how we expected. Namine had another visit from someone from the school – this time, a psychologist – and from there she had a couple therapy sessions to attend. We also had a scare today, but everything is okay now.