• Cardiology appointment

    Namine saw her heart doctor this afternoon. Everything appears to be fine, pending the heart monitor’s results.

  • Late night ER visit

    Late night ER visit

    When a heart patient tells you something is wrong, you listen.

  • Chest pain

    Chest pain

    We had a little bit of a freak-out when Namine complained of chest pain, but it seems to be nothing more than a pulled muscle.

  • Therapy and tachycardia

    Therapy and tachycardia

    I’ve seen all the videos Jessica has taken of Namine at physical therapy, of course. But I’ve only rarely attended Namine’s therapy sessions, because they are during the week when I’m at work.

  • Impromptu EKG

    Namine’s sleeping heart rate keeps dropping into the fifties. This concerned the nurse, who brought in the floor doctor, who called cardiology, who ordered an EKG.

  • Cardiology visit

    Cardiology visit

    This morning we took Namine to see her cardiologist. This was to see when she should have her heart cath, and to look to the future: the Fontan.

  • The moment you fear

    The moment you fear

    Last week Namine had a blood draw in order to check for things. Things that would explain her recent lethargy and lack of appetite. Friday evening we got a call from the pediatrician, who said that there is nothing to indicate sickness. The next step? Contact cardiology at Children’s Hospital.

  • It’s officially autumn

    It’s officially autumn

    You know fall has arrived when everybody gets sick. Well, it’s here for the Eiche household. Yesterday morning, Namine woke up from a nightmare at about 6 in the morning. As if that were not bad enough, she also woke up with the croup. You know, it’s kind of funny. We’d gone to church the…

  • Scary sats and an x-ray

    Scary sats and an x-ray

    When Namine drops her sats, our immediate thought is that she’s getting sick. Well, she’s already sick, so it would be no surprise that her sats are down a little. But Namine was down to 81 this morning, and that’s frightening. To make matters worse, Namine woke up with the croup again.

  • Echo results

    On Friday Namine had her echocardiogram. Once again, like with Monday’s ultrasound, Namine was afraid of the tech and having the echo done. But when she realized that this was painless, she was fine. She lay perfectly still for the entire thing, much to the tech’s surprise.

  • One crazy day

    Today started, well, not like any other day, maybe, but more or less how we expected. Namine had another visit from someone from the school – this time, a psychologist – and from there she had a couple therapy sessions to attend. We also had a scare today, but everything is okay now.

  • Fighting infection

    Yesterday afternoon, Jessica and I took Namine in to see the pediatrician.