• No vacation

    No vacation

    We were so looking forward to going to Florida this coming week, but that’s no longer a possibility. Namine has suffered some complications due to her broken leg, and her orthopedic doctor has instructed her not to travel.

  • A weekend of sickness

    A weekend of sickness

    Things often don’t go as planned. This weekend was one of those things.

  • Frequent flyer miles

    Frequent flyer miles

    We haven’t been to the ER this many times in so few weeks in a long, long time. Hopefully, this weekend has seen the end of it.

  • Sick


    I’ve lost count of how many times Namine has thrown up today. It was supposed to be a fairly normal appointment day, with Jessica taking her mom to get a blood draw, then one for herself and for Namine. How strange it must seem that that constitutes “normal” for us, but the day ended up…

  • 2013 in review

    2013 in review

    Kids, this has been one crazy year. I can assure you, never did we think at the start of it that Namine would have endured half the stuff she has, to say nothing of getting a prosthetic and having heart surgery.

  • Better and worse

    Better and worse

    When Jessica gets sick, we hope she doesn’t need to be put on antibiotics because she’s allergic to so many. Namine has quite a few medical allergies, but not as many as Jessica. Yet.

  • Sickness


    After such a busy day yesterday, we thought that today would be a little more relaxed. We were wrong.

  • ENT and therapy

    ENT and therapy

    We took Namine in to see her ENT doctor today. She’s been complaining of her ear bothering her, so we feared the worst: an ear infection. Fortunately, that turned out to not be the case.

  • Speaking with the prosthetic

    We gave Namine a couple days off from the prosthetic, if only to give her a chance to recuperate from whatever infection she might have.

  • An exciting night

    An exciting night

    Namine was feeling much better by the time we got home from the urgent care clinic. At that point, it was quarter of eleven, so we ate our Fazoli’s and put her to bed. She was happy to go.

  • Cooties to the nth degree

    Cooties to the nth degree

    As we have found out firsthand, MRSA is no joke. Namine was in isolation the entire time she was in the hospital, and now the rules to follow at home are just as strict.

  • Going home soon

    Going home soon

    The plan for Namine is, as the doctors have outlined it, for Namine to go home on Monday (assuming she doesn’t come down with anything else over the weekend, that is). She will go home on vancomycin – the IV antibiotic – and will remain on it for at least another week, if not two.