ENT and therapy

We took Namine in to see her ENT doctor today. She’s been complaining of her ear bothering her, so we feared the worst: an ear infection. Fortunately, that turned out to not be the case.

Speaking with the prosthetic

We gave Namine a couple days off from the prosthetic, if only to give her a chance to recuperate from whatever infection she might have. So when Namine wore it today, we didn’t expect her to keep it in for five hours. (For reference, the most she’d tolerated before today was three hours.) And on top of that, to eat with it in – which had given so much trouble – well, I can only say that my daughter amazes me.

An exciting night

Namine was feeling much better by the time we got home from the urgent care clinic. At that point, it was quarter of eleven, so we ate our Fazoli’s and put her to bed. She was happy to go.

Going home soon

The plan for Namine is, as the doctors have outlined it, for Namine to go home on Monday (assuming she doesn’t come down with anything else over the weekend, that is). She will go home on vancomycin – the IV antibiotic – and will remain on it for at least another week, if not two.

Good news

Namine’s surgeon just came out to tell us they’ve finished. They ended up only needing to use sutures, and not staples like the PA had originally told us. The sutures are interrupted, though, similar to how the staples would be, so that the wound can breathe a little and still heal from the inside out. The surgeon is hopeful that Namine will heal quickly. They will come and get us when Namine is back in her room in the cardiac ICU.

Full speed ahead

The CV surgical team met this morning to decide on what to do with Namine – whether to try another wound vac or just close her chest. And the final decision has come down that they’re going to close her up.