Spending the weekend in the hospital is, above all else, boring. We pass the time by playing games, watching TV, playing more games, watching a movie… you get the idea. But as we near Tuesday (the day we were not quite promised, but we were told that we could possibly go home), we fear that another storm may be coming.

For starters, the results from the culture taken from Namine’s incision came back positive again. Does this mean the vancomycin (the IV-only antibiotic for which Namine had the PICC line placed on Friday) is not working? Only the doctors can say for, well, not for sure, but for best guess, at least. At any rate, Namine’s operating cardiac surgeon will be stopping by today to take a look.

Probably the worst part about Namine being stuck at the hospital is the fact that she’s still on contact isolation, so we can’t even take her for a walk in her wheelchair. So we pass the time by playing games. One of the games the nurse brought out of the play room (because Namine can’t go in) is a fishing game. She beats us all at it consistently. Out of myself, Jessica, my mom, and my dad, I don’t think a single one of us has beaten her. I think she cheats.

I didn’t know that my church even had a quilting committee, but apparently there is. (I probably shouldn’t be surprised. The WELS has a committee for everything.) They made a quilt with pictures of ice cream cones on it and sent it to Namine. She slept with it last night, and was she ever warm.

Last night I stayed in the hospital tonight so Jessica can get some real sleep. But the night before last I went home because of an excruciating headache. As I kissed Namine goodnight, she broke my heart.

Don’t go, Daddy. You belong here with me!

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