The coming storm

It is as we feared: the cardiovascular surgical team is concerned for Namine’s chest incision, and they will be taking Namine to the OR in order to open it back up.

This could happen as soon as this afternoon, but no one can say for sure at this point. Until she is taken back, though, she’s NPO – she’s not allowed food or drink until it’s done.

I’m glad they’re finally doing this. You might think me a hypocrite in expressing this opinion, but let me explain. When ID (infectious diseases) consulted on Namine and recommended that her chest be opened back up, yes, I was against it.


At that point, no second culture had yet been taken from the incision, and it felt like a rash decision. And CV surgery agreed; they wanted a culture on Friday, nothing more.

But now, nothing seems to have changed. Namine has been on the vancomycin for several days, and her incision has been treated multiple times per day with bactine. But the incision is still the same size, and has not dried out at all. Nothing seems to have improved, so now something must be done. That something, CV surgery has concluded, is the reopening of Namine’s chest. They will clean it out – and in doing so, see just how deep the infection goes – and attach a wound vaccuum if they deem it necessary.

The thought of dealing with a wound vac is not a pleasant one, but not altogether daunting. Jessica had a wound vac for three months after Namine was born, so it’s not unfamiliar territory. And we’ve taken care of Namine through the trach, ventilator, suction machine, external oxygen tanks, g-tube, feeding pump, jaw distractors, leg casts, and more; one more tube or two (the PICC line might remain in when we finally go home) won’t bother us.

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  1. Melody Czubinski Avatar
    Melody Czubinski

    My heart just achs for her and both of you. We will keep you all in our prayers.

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