Today started, well, not like any other day, maybe, but more or less how we expected. Namine had another visit from someone from the school – this time, a psychologist – and from there she had a couple therapy sessions to attend. We also had a scare today, but everything is okay now.

The meeting with the child psychologist went pretty well, I think. Jessica and I were given quite a bit of paperwork to fill out; we had to answer questions pertaining to Namine’s behavior, from interacting with other children to picking up after herself, and everything in between. None of it was really bad; it was just tedious. Meanwhile, the psychologist showed Namine cards with pictures on them, and had her identify which animals were these, what objects are those. Namine did pretty well with the pictures, I thought. (They need to update their picture of the vaccuum cleaner, though. Our Dyson Ball looks nothing like that, so of course Namine didn’t recognize it.)

The next thing she had Namine do was simple two- and three-piece puzzles. Namine did all right at the start, but quickly resorted to “All done!” and handing all the pieces to the psychologist. I can think of a couple reasons. Namine doesn’t like strange pictures; they seem to remind her of strange people, most of whom hurt her – I’m referring to the hospital, of course. Another big one is that Namine had been at this for nearly an hour now, and was tired of this lady’s boring games. Namine kept wanting to scoot, but the lady didn’t want that. No fun at all.

Of course this meeting will also end up as a report and, ultimately, brought back up in Namine’s IEP in a couple weeks. You read that right: Namine’s IEP, the real IEP, has finally been scheduled. We’re crossing our fingers.

The rest of the day went, for the most part, as planned. But then, at pool therapy, one of her therapists noticed something. Namine’s feet were purple, and cold. Her feet have always been cold, since they’ve always had poor circulation, but they usually look a normal color. The therapist voiced a concern about the profusion (basically, blood flow) to her feet, so Jessica took Namine’s pulseox at home and called the special needs department at Children’s Hospital.

But Namine’s O2 reading on both feet was in the upper 80s, even in the low 90s – as always. Her heart rate was steady, a low 110. Given those pleasant results, special needs said she should be fine. We’ll call them on Tuesday to check in and let them know how she’s doing.


  1. IEP, oh what a dirty word.
    Hopefully yours goes well. Remember, they are not your friends. Ask for twice as much as you want for her so that when they push back, you get what you really want.

  2. Going off what Steve’s saying — once again, let me know (or let Lydia know to let me know) if you have any problems. I know people who can help you out.

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