This time it’s for real. Namine has had all the one on one meetings the school wants her to have had, I think, so now it’s time for everyone to gather around and discuss what’s best for her. That’s all well and good for them, but we’ll see how on the mark they really are.

To be fair, most of the meetings have gone really well. The child psychologist, the preschool teacher, the speech therapist and pathologist, all of them seemed pleased with how Namine is progressing – not just in speech, but also in cognitive development. There are a few sticking points, however, and we’re certain to fight for Namine and hold our ground if we need to.

The first issue I have is with the kids they’ll be putting her with. We’ve been told that they’d like to put Namine with other kids who are at that babbling stage, just learning to talk. But Namine babbles already – we’d prefer that she be put with children who are talking more. Because Namine learns so quickly, we feel that she’d talk better and sooner if put with other children that she can learn from.

But I digress. I’ll post more about all this after it’s said and done. The IEP itself is at 1:00 today, but I most likely won’t post anything until after 10:00 tonight. Family time is more important, after all.

Namine’s cough seems to have evolved into something else. The stridor is gone, as is the barking croup-like cough, but last night she was coughing every couple minutes and it sounded thick, almost liquid-y at times. But she’s had no difficulty breathing, and her color has looked fine. And she was scooting around the living room last night like her butt was on fire, so as the special needs doctor put it, if she can do that with no shortness of breath, I think she’s okay. And she fell asleep last night with a little coughing, but nothing more after 10:00 in the evening.

As I type this, I can hear her breathing, asleep in her bedroom. It sounds like she’s got some boogers, but her breathing isn’t labored. Could be she just had the rotten luck of catching a cold, I suppose. At least she takes all of her medicine willingly.

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