·  Normal is a dryer setting.


State testing and IEPs

Since she’s homeschooled, Namine doesn’t have an IEP. But as we approach the time for her first state testing, we need to make sure certain accommodations can be met for her.

IEP season

As the year goes on, I am beginning to see news about IEPs from many of the special needs folks whom I follow on various social networks. I do not envy them.

Friends new and old

Jessica, Namine, and I made the drive up to Medford for Namine’s school orientation (which she’s been calling her “ornamentation”) today. We had a great time.

IEP, again

Jessica and I had the IEP meeting – reevaluation? I’m not sure exactly – this morning. So we had a choice: either bring Namine with us at 7:45 this morning, or get someone to watch her. My mom was kind enough to come over and stay with her. The meeting didn’t take too long, fortunately,…

Field trip

Namine went on a field trip with her class yesterday to a pumpkin farm. My dad had the pleasure of going with her, but apparently he’s too busy to write about it. Fine, I’ll just post the pictures he took.

The new IEP

To paraphrase The Who, “the new IEP, same as the old IEP.” Rather, in this case, we hope not. Namine’s IEP meeting was on Monday, and we came away from it feeling good. As always, though, time will tell.

Feet, baths, and IEPs

Well, kids, it’s official. Namine’s feet have been declared just fine and dandy (if more than a little smelly) by both her orthopedic and plastic surgeons. This is momentous news indeed!

Round and round we go

The most frustrating thing, I think, about Namine being a quote-unquote “special needs child” is not her medication, fragile immune system, or even doctor appointments. Perhaps a year or two ago I would have said differently, but now that she is stable, it’s dealing with the school system.