On Thursday, Jessica and Namine went to the orientation for her new school. Now that Namine’s health is under a little more control – she’s still congested (as am I now, so I think it’s just one of those things), but she isn’t really coughing anymore – I can devote a post to talking about the visit to the school.

Jessica and Namine were met by a few people – Namine’s teacher and the speech therapist among them – and they took a tour of the school. The speech therapist was impressed by Namine’s speech and vocabulary, as well she should have been.

You’ll remember that one of the goals set in the IEP was for Namine to start using a least three word sentences. The reason for that, then, was because Namine was at that point still speaking almost solely in vowels. She was also not very talkative at the IEP or around those people from the school – she didn’t know them, after all, so why should she?

But Namine’s speech has improved by leaps and bounds since then. She uses consonants in her words, and she is much more understandable, even by people who don’t know her. So the speech therapist agreed with Jessica that putting her in the morning class – which, as far as speech is concerned, Namine is at the top of – would not be wise. So they’re moving Namine to the afternoon class, where there are more advanced speakers, and Namine can continue to advance her speech.

Another plus is that the teacher that Namine would have had – the liar – will no longer be her teacher. Fine by us.

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