From time to time, Namine will say or do something that amazes us. We are nearly always in perpetual awe of her – with the speed of her speech improvement, the increasing strength in her legs and arms, and more – but her isolation in the hospital has forced her into more maturity than is typical for her age.

The other day, Jessica was telling me about the pain in her leg – she fell a while back, and is unfortunately still suffering the consequences – and used the phrase “I felt like I was going to die.” Namine was playing right there, and that caught her attention. She started to get really stressed out, and exclaimed, over and over again, “No, Mama, no! No Mama die, no!” She was visibly distressed, so both Jessica and I assured her that no, Jessica was not going to die. We explained that it was just a figure of speech, and that it just meant that she was in pain. That, Namine understood.

This came as quite a shock to us. After all, what three year old understands the concept of death? I suppose, if anyone does, it would be Namine. For all the surgeries she’s had – and she’s needed to be put under for nearly all of them – including one open heart surgery. She’s been closer to death than we have, and perhaps more than once. I could argue that she shouldn’t even be able to remember those times, but this recent episode of sickness has reminded me of her incredible memory.

With this bout of sickness, Namine has had a lot of boogers. Usually, she’ll insist on blowing her nose (occasionally asking one of us to do it), but if she can’t, we sometimes have to lay her down to try get the boogers out. Every time – and I’m not exaggerating, every time – she asks, “No booger sucker, just kleenex?” We haven’t even used the booger sucker in at least a year. I remember how much she hated it, so I guess she does too.

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