Namine’s staying home from therapy today due to her not feeling well. I only wish I could have, too. Both Jessica and I are feeling pretty much what Namine is feeling – stuffy, boogery, just all-around congested. We went to Urgent Care last night to see if we – Jessica and I – needed to take something too.

Despite the sickness, though, Namine is doing well. She’s still pretty cheerful, as evidenced by her posing for the camera in her Marty wig. (That’s Marty from Madagascar, apparently. I am behind the times, I guess.) At least we don’t have to worry about school – there’s no school again today due to parent-teacher conferences.

Namine is already on antibiotics. But Jessica and I apparently don’t have a bacterial infection; with us, it’s viral. Great. Which means we more or less have to just ride it out. Oh well, life goes on. The other night, Jessica and I were talking right before nighttime prayers and I said “c’est la vie.” Namine piped up, “La vee!” Ever the literal child.

Speaking of literal, today Namine’s nose is still draining quite a bit. So Jessica asked Namine, “Is your nose running?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, you better go catch it!”

“Mama, what the heck are you talking about?” We’re going to have to work on those figures of speech.

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