Jessica called ortho yesterday, with the hope that they would be able to tell us something useful. We still don’t know what will happen once the casts come off – in regards to leg braces, therapy, or just general good old day-to-day care.

This started out with Jessica calling ortho in the morning. Of course no one answered, so she left a message. Early in the afternoon, they called back, but Jessica missed the call. So she called them back, and reached a nurse, who said they didn’t really have anything useful to tell us. So, why did they call? To tell us that they had nothing to tell us.

When Jessica asked the ortho nurse what kind of therapy Namine would need, she responded, “What kind do you want?” Well, that’s the problem. We don’t know what she’ll need. As of right now, Namine has physical therapy once a week. If she needs it more than that, we’ll have to find a therapist from somewhere else; her current therapist can only do once a week. But ortho, as is evidenced, is no help. They insist that they cannot tell us anything.



  1. While this is indefensible I suspect the ‘reason’ is that they are bound by a policy of not giving nearly any info by phone. They are unable to charge for such service and the liability is high. Hopefully you can get this answered at your next appt.

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