Namine seems to be doing better today. Last night, Namine was in such pain that she didn’t even want an ice cream sandwich. This morning, Jessica asked her if she wanted any medication for pain, and she said no. That’s definitely a good sign. She also seems to have some appetite back; she was scooting all around the living room and eating cereal.

Tomorrow Namine has another appointment at the ortho clinic. The doctor will take a look at her feet, the left in particular. You’ll remember from last time that Namine had to have dead skin cut away from the incision on her left foot, leaving more of a hole than an incision. We’ve been doing cares on it each morning and evening, and in our totally unprofessional opinion, it’s looking better. But we’ll see tomorrow.

The other thing we’ll find out is if Namine needs her feet rotated again. The doctor told us last time that her feet are basically where he wants them, so for the most part it’s just keeping the casts and waiting out the healing process. But again, we’ll see what he says tomorrow.

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