Field trip

Namine went on a field trip with her class yesterday to a pumpkin farm. My dad had the pleasure of going with her, but apparently he’s too busy to write about it. Fine, I’ll just post the pictures he took.

Namine’s been a little sniffly (it is too a word) lately. We suspect it was partly because of spending the night at my parents’ house – she is allergic to their cats, after all, no matter how much she may love them – and partly because it’s colder. I’ve no doubt that the fact that she’s going to school has played a part; after all, that’s why she was sick so much last year. Her immune system simply could not compete with all the crap thrown her way by all the other sick kids. Namine’s immune system is much stronger this year, make no mistake. She’s only missed about a week or so of school due to sickness, and that’s pretty good in my book. And she’s still as enthusiastic as ever about going every day.

Speaking of school, Jessica and I have a parent-teacher conference (too formal? let’s try “meeting”) this evening. I know for a fact that we’ll be bringing our copy of the finalized IEP with us. I’m not exactly sure what we’ll be talking about – Namine’s “slowness,” perhaps? We’ll see.

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