Well, kids, it’s official. Namine’s feet have been declared just fine and dandy (if more than a little smelly) by both her orthopedic and plastic surgeons. This is momentous news indeed!

The day before yesterday, Namine’s casts were removed in the ortho clinic. Then yesterday, Namine saw the plastic surgeon who did the multiple vein and skin graft operations – saving her left foot in the process. Both feet have healed nicely, and not only can we wash her feet, but we can immerse her. So last night was the first night in a long time that Namine got to take a real bath again. Oh, did she have a grand old time, too. Laughing and squealing the entire time, she was so excited to be able to play in the water again. Of course she didn’t want to get out once she was clean, but eventually she had to.

Namine still has a granuloma on her left foot, but the plastic surgeon isn’t worried. He believes it will heal up on its own; similarly, he instructed us to uncover the place on her thigh from which he took skin for the graft, as it will heal better if left uncovered.

There is a speech person coming to the apartment this afternoon to test Namine. This is the first of many tests for Namine’s updated IEP. I only hope that she cooperates. Sometimes Namine likes to be silly or just plain stubborn for therapists and other people whose job it is to estimate her abilities. They already want to put Namine in a special ed class; Namine is smart, and she needs to be challenged in school in order to grow.

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