The CV surgical team met this morning to decide on what to do with Namine – whether to try another wound vac or just close her chest. And the final decision has come down that they’re going to close her up.

This comes as somewhat of a surprise to me. Honestly, I had expected them to try another wound vac. (I truly wouldn’t have minded; I took care of Jessica and her wound vac for three months, so this would have been nothing new.) But the fact that the CV team believe that her chest has stopped bleeding enough to close her up outright is a good sign.

They’re still not sure what the cause of this whole mess was – whether Namine reacted badly to the type of inside stitches, or if it truly did originate as a MRSA infection. Because it could have been the stitch material (and there are plenty of cases where patients have reacted badly), this time they’re going to use staples in the closure. That will make the scar a little more visible, but honestly (and you may think me a jerk), I don’t care. We can address the visibility of the scar later; right now all I care about is that the wound is closed safely. Namine’s health is paramount. (And honestly? I don’t expect her scar to be bad at all. The cleft palate team promised us that her jaw distraction scars would be unseemly, but you can hardly see them at all.)

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