• Planning the hernia repairs

    Planning the hernia repairs

    Namine has two hernias to be repaired, and an ovarian cyst to be removed. We have a plan to address these, but there are complications.

  • A case for choosing life

    A case for choosing life

    Jessica and I have been to the hospital more times than we care to consider. All that has come with great cost, but great benefit too. I’d like to impart something. Not wisdom — I wouldn’t assume that much hubris; but at least experience, and perhaps understanding.

  • Dental clinic

    Dental clinic

    With all the craziness lately, I never wrote about Namine’s most recent trip to the dentist last month. Some pretty important points were discussed.

  • 2014 in review

    2014 in review

    I started out the year writing about Wolff’s Law. It seems fitting now, seeing how Namine has grown, and continues to grow — despite the assurances of doctors.

  • Christmas dress

    Christmas dress

    We didn’t have the chance to go shopping for Namine’s Christmas dress until this past weekend. By this point, most stores have already moved onto Spring clothing, so Christmas clothing was in short supply.

  • Frenectomy follow-up

    Frenectomy follow-up

    Yesterday Namine had a clinic appointment to follow up on her frenectomy. Frenulotomy. Frenulectomy. Just pick a word, I guess.

  • Hospital surprises

    Hospital surprises

    Namine’s frenulectomy has come and gone with no surprises. This is good; when it comes to surgery, we don’t like surprises. We did receive an unpleasant surprise on the day of surgery, however.

  • Home again

    Home again

    We made it home safely from the hospital. Namine is doing well, and in no pain.

  • Frenulectomy complete

    Frenulectomy complete

    Namine is in recovery now, and she’s doing well. Her airway looks good, and we expect her to wake up soon.

  • Bronchoscopy


    Namine has a bronchoscopy and possible partial frenulotomy.

  • ENT appointment

    ENT appointment

    On Thursday of this past week, Namine had an appointment with her ENT doctor. In it were discussed routine things — like bronchoscopies — and scary, new things — like frenulotomies.

  • Two years ago today

    Two years ago today

    I can hardly believe that two years ago today, Namine was in recovery after her second club foot surgery.