Seeing the doctors take Namine away to the operating room is never easy. I actually think it gets harder as she gets older. Seeing the pain in her eyes just breaks my heart. I thought it might make it easier if I came back with her, so we asked the doctors if that would be okay.

I thought for sure they would give her some versed (which we know as “goofy juice”) before taking her back, but they didn’t. As a result, she was stressing out quite a bit more than she would have otherwise. Nonetheless, I held her hand (or rather, judging by her grip, she held mine) and did my best to calm her.

The procedure itself was uneventful. She now has a PICC line in her left arm and no more IVs. (This is an immensely good thing, especially since she blew her IV – again – mere minutes before they came to bring her back to the OR.) She will be staying in the hospital at least until Tuesday; depending on how she’s doing, she may or may not be allowed to go home then.

But the PICC line placement was not the only thing done; as long as she was out, cardiology figured a closer look at her incision was in order. They, along with special needs, were against opening it back up, but there was no reason not to take a culture. The cardiology doctor poked around the incision with a sterile q-tip (funny, isn’t it, how with all the medical equipment at the hospital’s disposal, the best inspection is done with a q-tip) and determined that it does not go deep, after all.

Cardiology is optimistic, very optimistic that the infection in Namine’s incision will be cleared up quickly and that the incision itself will be closed in a few weeks.

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