Do you believe in coincidence? I tend not to. Namine threw up again today in the same situation as last time, which brings me to the conclusion that it’s not something she ate – last time I thought it was eggs – but rather the circumstance: the doctor’s office.

Whether it’s her own doctor or not, I think, doesn’t matter. What Namine knows is that it’s a doctor’s office. But this is peculiar to me, because prior to this, every time Namine would throw up because she was upset, she’d worked herself up to that point. She’d be crying, and she’d be crying so hard that she’d start coughing and, if she didn’t calm down, she’d throw up.

Last time – and now today as well – she seemed to be fine. And then with no warning whatsoever, she threw up. That’s why we thought it was a bug, perhaps something in the breakfast that she ate. But now we have a different theory. We think perhaps Namine gets so nervous at doctors’ offices that she gets sick to her stomach and doesn’t even realize it.

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