Namine has been taken back to have her procedures. I’m nervous; but then, I’m always nervous. No procedure any gets easier, even something as routine as a bronchoscopy. What’s more, it’s harder for Namine now more than ever, as she understands what she did not in the past.

Namine knows that she must have dental work done, and she has been brave all morning. But when I had to put her in the bed so the doctors could take her back, she started to cry. No, it never gets easier. Even when you’re doing all you can will only your child’s best interests at heart, it still rips at your own.

The ENT doctor – who will be doing Namine’s bronch – added another procedure to the docket this morning. She’s also going to be checking her ears, which is a good idea. Namine is prone to ear infections, after all, and it is possible that she may need ear tubes again.

We’re unsure how long Namine will be back there. The dental surgeon believes his part may take as little time as two and a half hours, but likely more. We’re probably looking at a solid four or five hours total.

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