The doctor from the infectious diseases just paid us a visit. His recommendation is that Namine’s chest should be opened back up and cleaned out.

Obviously this is not the news we want to hear, but the doctor phrased it perfectly:

We know what the bug is; fortunately it’s susceptible to vancomycin, and bactrim as well. So we can let you go home, let the antibiotics take care of the infection and hope it doesn’t go any deeper. Or we can open her back up and clean her out, make sure the infection is gone. It’s the only way to be sure.

We want to go home, but we want more – infinitely more – for Namine to be rid of the infection, to be on her way to being well. And if the infection is deeper than we know, it could not only persist but also wreak havoc on her newly reconstructed heart. And that would be much, much worse than anything so far.

So yes, let’s do it and get it done.

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