·  Normal is a dryer setting.

heart surgery

Informed decisions

There was a discussion on one of the Facebook groups I belong to on how and when to educate one’s child on surgery. I responded there with a simplified version of what follows, but I have more to say (as I usually do).

On school and support

Every year since Namine was four, we get these memories that show up in our “On This Day” Facebook feed. The memory in question is about us pulling here out of school.

Christmas dress

We didn’t have the chance to go shopping for Namine’s Christmas dress until this past weekend. By this point, most stores have already moved onto Spring clothing, so Christmas clothing was in short supply.


Namine has been complaining of headaches for over a month now, so last Friday we called the hospital to have her seen. While there is a headache clinic at the hospital, Namine’s doctor wanted to see her himself before just sending her off to the clinic.