Yesterday we took Namine in to see the doctor. We’ve been giving her ear drops prescribed for her ear infection (just a day or two left in the original prescription, now), and we thought that the infection was all but gone. We certainly hadn’t seen any drainage or any other evidence of an active infection, until yesterday. Yesterday afternoon after therapy, Jessica noticed yellow liquid draining from Namine’s right ear, the same ear that had the minor – or thought to be minor, at any rate – infection. So we took her to the doctor.

For all our anticipation of impending doom – after all, Namine has had to spend time at the hospital for ear infections in the past – the visit went rather well. The doctor took a culture of the stuff draining from her ear, and looked inside both ears. The left ear looked fine, according to the doctor. And the right ear, despite its draining liquid, is pretty good. Namine’s ear tube is doing its job in keeping the canal itself clear. We’ll just be continuing the ear drops, at least until we hear back about the culture. We might have a change of plan, then.

Despite the seemingly worsening ear infection, Namine is in good spirits. You wouldn’t even guess that she’s sick, but then, that’s typical for her. And she’s standing, with or without AFOs, whenever and wherever she can. It’s good to see her take such an active interest in standing.


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