This ear infection just won’t quit. And now Namine’s ear is bleeding. Wonderful.

We took Namine to the ENT clinic yesterday so they could take a look at her. We noticed over the past couple days that Namine’s ear had been draining, and we feared a worse ear infection. We were right to do so, because her right ear has a raging infection. To make matters more complicated, her left ear has an infection, as well. Back to ear drops, only now for both ears.

Namine actually did really well in the clinic. She didn’t cry, and she was even civil to the doctor. But after merely looking at her ear, the doctor led us into another room – one with equipment. Namine knew what this meant, and she didn’t like it. Not. One. Bit.

I had to wrap her in a sheet and practically lay on top of her in order to keep her from moving, so the doctor could suck out the crap from her right ear. All the while, Namine screamed, “NO! NO! I’M ALL DONE!” After it was all over with, Namine was fine. She just had to catch her breath. Her voice was a little raw for a while, too, but no surprise there.

Today, Namine’s right ear is still draining; Jessica also noticed that it was bleeding a little. Namine also had a pulmonary clinic appointment today; she was prescribed an inhaler, to try and help combat that persistent morning croup she seems prone to. No change from the usual for us, I suppose – just taking it one day at a time.