So Namine has been fighting this cold, cough – whatever it is – for a few days now. Since Friday, I think. She’s been seen by a doctor a few times; both at the pediatrician’s office and the Quick Care (or whatever it’s called) – because on Sunday, the pediatrician’s is closed. Each time, we have feared ear infection.

But with each visit, there have been two consistent conclusions: Namine’s ears have no signs of infection, and her left ear tube is loose. (We already knew about the loose ear tube anyway. It didn’t seem to bother her.) It was possible she has a sinus infection – the prescription for which we’re starting today – but no ear infection.

Today, Namine has been pulling at that left ear. Assuming that she doesn’t suddenly have an ear infection, which would surprise me because she seems to be getting over her cough, it occurs to us that the loose ear tube may be bothering her. So we’re going to try to get Namine in to see her ENT doctor soon, to see if something needs to be done. (I really hope the answer isn’t surgery, given how difficult recovery was for Namine after the last ear surgery, but I suppose it wouldn’t surprise me.)

With the sudden switch of Namine’s school to being in the afternoon, a wrench has been thrown in the gears of her outside-school therapy. It used to be from 12:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon, which of course is right smack in the middle of school, which is from 1:00 to 3:30. Turns out, they’re having quite a difficult time fitting Namine into a time slot that will work for everybody. We hope to resolve it soon, preferably with a time that doesn’t require Namine to be up at the crack of dawn.


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